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The MLK Community Center in downtown Wilmington is a local cornerstone that provides athletic, senior, afterschool and teen programs.


Community Enrichment Initiatives, Inc. (CEII) is a non-profit corporation that enriches programs and enhances the facilities at the MLK Center. CEII was started by Bonnie Hu of Wilmington, NC. 


CEII builds relationships through thoughtful collaboration with community non-profits and local businesses. These combined efforts are the basis for the sustainability proposal for energy conservation, kitchen improvements and park enhancements for the MLK Center approved by the Wilmington City Council. 


The MLK Center needs a certified community kitchen to create a source of fresh, healthy food in a food desert, establish food education related programs, and serve as an economic incubator for startups and the new King's Market.

Through extensive planning, local architects, city staff and other volunteers created a concept plan for a commercial kitchen. Architects Eric Jabaley and Charlotte Townes prepared kitchen drawings. See their designs here

As a high school student, Bonnie Hu volunteered for an after-school program at the Martin Luther King Community Center in downtown Wilmington, NC. A few months in, she began to see more clearly the needs of the students, the parents, the community and the center. Just a few additional resources would go a long way, but there were too many questions. Where would the resources come from? How would they be most effectively utilized?

She saw her students for who they could be. She saw the center for what it could be. She offered $2,000 of her summer job savings and asked the community to match her donation to enhance programs at the Center.

A year later, the nonprofit Community Enrichment Initiatives, Inc. was founded by a board of volunteers with the goal of serving the needs and empowering individuals in the community. As the founding inspiration, the MLK Center is the base for CEII’s efforts. Our mission is to promote personal empowerment, self-sufficiency and productivity in our community.



TOP CHEF*                                            $50k
Recognized as Top* sponsor at our annual Harvest Feast with opportunity to speak, seating at Top Chef's table, 24 complimentary tickets to attend, 24 VIP reception tickets, logo on all digital and print marketing material and a kitchen dedication plaque
CULTIVATOR                                           $10k
Recognized as cultivator at our annual Harvest Feast, 6 complimentary tickets to attend, 6 VIP reception tickets, logo on all digital and print marketing materials and a kitchen dedication plaque
SOUS CHEF                                           $25k
Recognized as presenting sponsor at our annual Harvest Feast, 12 complimentary tickets to attend, 12 VIP reception tickets, logo on all digital and print marketing materials and a kitchen dedication plaque
SUSTAINER                                              $5k
Recognized as sustainer at our annual Harvest Feast, 4 complimentary tickets to attend, 4 VIP reception tickets, logo on all digital and print marketing materials and a kitchen dedication plaque
SUPPORTER                                             $2k
Recognition as supporter at our annual Harvest Feast, 2 complimentary tickets to attend, 2 VIP reception tickets, name on program marketing materials
FRIEND                                                   $500
Recognition as friend at our annual Harvest Feast, 1 complimentary ticket to attend, 1 VIP reception ticket, name on program marketing materials

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1319 Military Cutoff Road
Suite CC-102
Wilmington, NC 28405

In light of the immediate needs of our community, Community Enrichment Initiatives Inc. has made the decision to cancel the annual Harvest Feast slated for June 4th, 2020. While adapting to these difficult times, we will shift our focus to food production and distribution to ensure the health of our neighbors. To echo Mayor Saffo’s sentiment below, now is the time to make a difference:


“As we deal with the threat of COVID-19, our actions now can save lives in the future. We all have a personal choice in how we respond to COVID-19, but the individual choices we make impact the lives of our neighbors, friends, and loved ones.  We, as a community, must take this threat even more seriously than what we have been, especially now that we have our first case…The time to make a difference is NOW. We’re in this together, Wilmington. From hurricanes to a pandemic, we are a resilient community and will overcome anything. Let’s stay healthy and help save lives.”