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Community Gardens Build Stronger Communities!

Wilmington Green Project Model

Using a proven model, the CEII Wilmington Green Project strives to bring to Wilmington, NC multiple sustainable community gardens. The gardens offer the opportunity for gardeners to grow fresh produce and flowers and rebuild the bond between neighbors and a stronger community and addresses local food insecurity.  Community Enrichment Initiative, Inc. (CEII) is a North Carolina 501c3 non-profit corporation, and in January 2018 Wilmington Green became a project of CEII.

The Green model works successfully in many other cities and it works in Wilmington. The key elements are:

  • Identify a motivated group of neighbors willing to make a garden work.

  • Locate a suitable garden spot convenient to neighbors.

  • Recruit resource partners willing to fund installation and sustenance.

  • Install and manage the gardens so that they are maintained with support from individual gardener volunteers and groups who adopt a garden.


CEII currently operates or supports several large community gardens and a 2-acre urban farm. Generally the gardeners and our food insecure neighbors enjoy the fresh produce.

CEII Wilmington Green Gardens


Devon Park Community Garden (Established April 7, 2015)
Devon Park United Methodist Church at 3403 Winston Boulevard

Eighteen 8’ x 20’ raised beds supported by and serve Burmese refugee families as well as Church members and neighbors. The Burmese have agricultural backgrounds and are supported by the Interfaith Refugee Ministry.


Elements Community Garden (Established April 25, 2015)
New Hanover County Sherriff at 718 South 3rd Street

Ten 6’ x 16’ raised beds at the Sheriff’s Elements Youth Violence Intervention Program that serves youth who garden with neighbors and donate the produce to the Good Shepherd Center to feed the food insecure.


Bridge of Love Community Garden (Established April 5, 2016)
St. John’s Episcopal Church at 1219 Forest Hills Drive

Twelve 6’ x 16’ raised beds serving Church members and neighbors who donate half of the produce to the local food insecure at the Good Shepherd Center to build a bridge of love through outreach to the community.


Annie Nixon Community Garden (Established April 7, 2016)

City of Wilmington at 914 Dock Street

Fourteen 4’ x 8’ raised beds serves gardeners and neighbors on property owned by the City and licensed to CEII for the Wilmington Green Community Garden.


Disciples Community Garden (Established April 4, 2017)

First Christian Church at 2035 Oleander Drive

Twelve 4’ x 16’ raised beds for Church members and neighbors fulfill the Church’s desire for outreach to the community to improve the human condition.


Hospital Community Garden (Established April 4, 2017, phase 1)

Hospital at 1415 Physicians Drive

Twelve 4’ x 16’ raised beds to fulfill the Hospital’s mission of “Leading our Community to Outstanding Health”.  Produce is used in the Outpatient Heart Center and by Hospital patients and staff.

Hospital Community Garden Addition (Established April 3, 2018, phase 2)

Hospital at 1415 Physicians Drive

Twelve more 4’x 16’ raised beds installed to expand the production of the existing garden to produce more needed food for distribution and healthy cooking and nutrition classes for Hospital patients and staff.


Glover Plaza Community Garden (Established August 2017)

Wilmington Housing Authority at 1402 Little John Circle

Four 4’ x 12’ tall raised beds and two 4’ x 16’ raised beds supported by volunteers and residents to serve the senior residents with fresh produce to improve nutrition and healthy eating.


Hillcrest Community Garden (Established September 2017)

Wilmington Housing Authority at 1402 Meares Street

Four 4’ x 12’ tall raised beds and nine 4’ x 6’ raised beds supported by residents and volunteers to provide fresh produce to improve nutrition and healthy eating among the residents.


Diversity Garden (Established April 3, 2018)

Wilmington Sportsman Club at 1101 Castle Street

Twelve 4’ x 16’ raised beds to support a diversity initiative in the community with produce available to neighbors in this low-moderate income neighborhood.


James Avery Memorial Garden (Established April 5, 2018)

401 Castle Street – Corner of 4th and Castle streets, leased to CEII by property owner

In ground “organic” garden across several lots provides produce for food insecure neighbors and Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, a local food pantry.


Willowdale Urban Farm (Established February 28, 2109)

Wilmington First Pentecostal Holiness Church at 301 North 30th Street on two acres leased to CEII.

To install up to eight large plots to grow fresh produce for neighbors and the food insecure. Food donated to Hospital for its Food Pharmacy program to feed malnourished patients and donated to the Good Shepherd Center and provided to low-moderate income neighbors. To install a large greenhouse to raise the 10,000 transplants needed to support all of our community gardens. 


We also support other small local community gardens and help others create community gardens.